Complimentary Expedited Shipping, Duties and Returns

Payment Methods

Please note that all purchases are charged at the time of checkout, regardless of their expected shipping date. SENTALER reviews all orders within one business day and reserves the right to cancel an order for any reason. In such instance, you will be refunded for your order and notified via email.

For all online orders, SENTALER offers complimentary shipping, duties, and returns. If you are located in Canada, you will be charged the applicable local tax rate. If you are located in the U.S., SENTALER will cover all duties, taxes and fees. If you are located outside of Canada or the U.S., and your country collects a value added tax (“VAT”), you may be responsible for this tax at the time of delivery. SENTALER will cover all duty and shipping costs. Please note that VAT may be applied to the value of our complimentary shipping and duty costs.

If you wish to modify or cancel your placed order, please email us immediately at service@sentaler.com. In an effort to get your item to you as soon as possible, orders may be shipped within the same business day.