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A Letter From Bojana Sentaler

Dear SENTALER community,

For the past five years, SENTALER has supported SickKids Foundation in Toronto, Canada through an initiative that is very close to my heart called #SENTALER4SickKids.

This year, more than ever, it occurred to me how children are facing unique challenges while we navigate this pandemic. Although children are incredibly strong and resilient, let’s not forget that these global changes are, in fact, impacting their lives too.

In our children’s “new normal,” they can no longer play closely together as they once could. They cannot hug or hold hands with their friends. Often, they cannot even see when their teachers are smiling at them from behind their masks. These are just the surface effects on healthy children who are attending socially distanced schools or learning virtually from home. But what about those who were already fighting their own battle? What about the children who were already facing health challenges before COVID-19 impacted our lives?

Due to increased health and safety restrictions in hospitals around the world, like SickKids, patients are not able to see some of the people they love most or interact with family and friends as they have in the past. For these children, the nurses and doctors who treat them can become not just caregivers, but also their friends and even their family. Especially around the holidays, this year will be even more difficult for the children who spend time in the hospital.

It is possible that now, more than ever before, the children at SickKids need us most.

This year, in addition to our donations from the sale of #SENTALER4SickKids Signature Ribbed Accessories, I wanted to find a way to more directly impact the day-to-day life for SickKids patients, while also providing a moment of fun creativity for you and the children in your life. As part of this year’s fundraising campaign, I am happy to share the first series of #SENTALER4SickKids colouring pages. These pages will be shared with SickKids patients as a creative activity to enjoy and are also available for you to print on and enjoy with your loved ones. 

Sometimes, even the simplest thing can put a smile on a child's face, and that is worth everything. Raising funds and having the opportunity to meet SickKids patients in the past, has been a life changing experience for all of us at SENTALER. With your help, we can truly make a difference.

Warm your head and heart this holiday season with #SENTALER4SickKids!